Seiko shot


As culmination of Seiko's developments in watchmaking technology,
today a saturation diver's watch in an all-black case with a red-accented dial offering water-resistance of up to 300m is introduced.

The properties of water absorb light of high wavelengths, such as red, while shorter wavelengths, such as blue and purple, are harder to absorb and reflect off of the sea.
Red light is increasingly absorbed deeper under water, making it difficult for red objects to be seen. Light reflected from the ocean contains a lot of the blue color that remains unabsorbed which results in the blue appearance of the ocean.

Red light is hardly absorbed in water at depths of 300m making red objects and organisms invisible. Instantaneous judgment becomes critical under deep levels of water and the edges of the seconds hand and the 300m mark on the dial are therefore applied red to eliminate unnecessary information allowing for instantaneous readability.


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