Scott Cassell is an American explorer, underwater filmmaker and counter-terrorism operative; he is known for embracing danger.  He has over 13000 hours as a diver and holds the world record for longest distance traveled by a diver (52 miles in 95 hours).

Scott relies on Luminox timepieces as part of his Essential Gear.  Luminox shares Cassell’s concern for the viability of the oceans and is honored to partner with Cassell by helping to fund both of his organisations.  A portion of the proceeds from the 1526 DeepDive Special Scott Cassell and the 3059.SET Faststrap Special Scott Cassell will go to support those organisations.

His achievements:

  • Documentary credits over 35 programs for:
    • Disney Channel
    • MTV
    • Spike TV
    • Discovery Channel
    • Animal Planet
    • Space Channel
    • BBC
    • History Channel
  • United states Coast Guard – qualified submersible pilot with over 900 dives in the SeaMobile submersible.
  • Principle investigator in studies of Humboldt squid
  • First person to film a giant squid in its natural environment
  • Served as:
    • An Aeroscount observer
    • As a combat diver
    • A Sniper
    • An Anti-Piracy consultant
    • A Counter terrorism combat dive instructor
  • Founder of Sea Wolves Unlimited and the Undersea Voyager Project