The All New Seiko 5 Range !

The new Seiko 5 Sports line is defined by its multifaceted approach in offering you a collection of reinvigorating and unique timepieces. This year, Seiko set themselves the task of strengthening the 5 styles, by designing an expansive and innovative collection of 30 watches, that come in a wider variety of styles than last year’s collection. Each model is entirely distinctive and has an individualistically striking presence that sets it apart from the rest. From minimalism through to bling and everything in between this collection is bound to offer something that catches your eye!

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The All New Seiko 5 "Solid Boy"

The sports family consists of a range of models that seek to go beyond the norm, by pervading the watching world with minimalistic designs and peerless craftsmanship. The most definitive feature of this subfamily is the omission of the rotating bezel and the adoption of an integrated bezel, which embellishes the largest of the subfamilies.


The All New Seiko 5 "BOY" Reinforcement

The Street family draws inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the hip-hop world. These ostentatious reiterations are bound to catch and eye or two as they adorn your wrist and offer you the chance to channel your inner blinged out rapper!


The All New Seiko 5 "BOY" Reinforcement

The Specialist family offers a very limited variety of watches crafted especially for the expert, the connoisseur, the maestro. Both models offers peerless form and function, from the leather topped rubber straps through to the distinctive textured design of the dials, these watches are built for purpose and designed to triumph.


The All New Seiko 5 "BOY" Reinforcement

The Suit subfamily may appeal to your more formal or dressy side. Their vertically brushed dials and Milanese style mesh bracelets bestow these watches with an undoubted charisma and charm. They make for the perfect accompaniment for any formal occasion.


The All New Seiko 5 "Collaborations"

Perhaps the most unique of all the Seiko 5 Sports subfamilies is the Sense collection, it is all about the smaller details. This years collection is marked by two noteworthy collaborations with Brain May, of Queen, and the Street Fighter Five series. Both of these expansive collaborations are illustrative of Seiko’s multifaceted approach in re-imagining their already much loved timepieces.

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