A Glitch in Time: Exploring the Swatch What If Collection from a Parallel Universe

Welcome to a parallel universe, a realm where time takes a different shape, and innovation knows no bounds. In this enchanting world, the Swatch What If collection pays homage to the brand’s rich history of creative exploration. Unveiling a stunning array of square watches, the collection delves into an alternative reality where Swatch’s first watch prototypes included a square model back in 1981.

Amidst the excitement of these intriguing possibilities, Swatch made a momentous decision in our familiar timeline, choosing the iconic circular model as the path forward. However, in this parallel universe, they took a different turn, boldly reimagining the first Swatch as a striking square timepiece.

As we venture into this world of delightful alternatives, let’s delve into the captivating details of the extraordinary What If Collection, where time embraces a different shape, and innovation takes on an exciting new dimension.

Original 1981 Swatch prototypes

A Kaleidoscope of Colours and Dial Designs

The What If Collection is a visual feast, offering four captivating colors to choose from: black, grey, green, and beige. Each watch embodies its own unique personality, ensuring there’s a timepiece to match every taste and style.

The magic doesn’t end with the colours; each dial design is a work of art on its own. The Grey oozes sophistication with its slender and elegant Roman numerals, while the Black charms with a minimalist double minute and second track. For those who appreciate timeless classics, the Green showcases only a double minute and second track, while the Beige brings a burst of vibrancy with a mix of bold numerals and markers.

Swatch What If Green SO34G700

Innovative Bioceramic Material

At the heart of the captivating What If Collection lies an innovative marvel known as Bioceramic material. This groundbreaking material has become the talk of the town, especially after its successful implementation in the popular Moonswatch collection, a remarkable collaboration with Omega.

Bioceramic is a sustainable fusion, comprising two-thirds ceramic and one-third bio-derived plastic. The ceramic component is crafted from zirconium dioxide, a special ceramic initially developed for space travel and now extensively used in various industries, including medical technology. On the other hand, the plastic element is derived from three different types of biobased plastic, all based on the eco-friendly castor oil.

This revolutionary blend of materials not only brings Swatch’s What If Collection to life with its robustness also exemplifies the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices. By harnessing the potential of Bioceramic, Swatch pushes the boundaries of timekeeping innovation while keeping environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Incorporating this innovative material is a testament to Swatch’s constant pursuit of innovation and its dedication to redefining the possibilities of watchmaking. The Bioceramic case, crown, and buckle not only exude modernity but also elevate the watches to a new level of elegance and durability, showcasing the brand’s unwavering spirit of creativity.

As we explore the collection, we encounter another groundbreaking first for Swatch – the integration of color-matched Bioceramic straps. Seamlessly flowing into the square cases, these straps not only add a touch of luxury to the watches but also ensure exceptional comfort during prolonged wear.

Swatch’s bold decision to incorporate Bioceramic straps serves as a beacon of inspiration, inviting other watchmakers to explore new horizons of design and responsible manufacturing. This integration of Bioceramic straps subtly reinforces Swatch’s dedication to creating timepieces that are not only visually captivating but also an absolute pleasure to wear.

Swatch What If Black SO34B700

A Touch of Nostalgia

As a heartfelt tribute to Swatch’s roots, each WHAT IF? watch’s battery cover features a dial from one of the four first 1983 Swatch watches ever created. This endearing homage pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of the original GENT watch, reminding us that while innovation pushes us forward, it’s essential to remember where we came from.

Swatch What If Beige SO34T700

The Journey of Infinite Imagination

In this parallel universe, Swatch’s What If Collection invites us to embrace a world of alternative possibilities. With its square designs, innovative Bioceramic material, and captivating dial variations, the collection challenges the status quo and encourages us to dream beyond convention.

The glitch in time has given birth to an extraordinary collection that celebrates creativity, sustainability, and a timeless sense of wonder. As we explore this parallel universe of timekeeping, we are reminded that the limits of innovation are boundless, and time itself can be an enchanting canvas of endless possibilities.

Swatch What If Gray SO34M700

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