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Swatch’s latest release is one that celebrates the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The limited edition collection is based upon the Swatch Big Bold. This Swatch Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Collection is inspired by bold ideas and is designed for even bolder personalities. Three models are available, each of these models is equally as eye-catching. Each has a 47mm case and features ‘sporty designs’.  

Notably, only the two models known as the BB Kurenai Red and the BB AI Blue, feature the Tokyo 2020 branding on the dial and strap loops. The BB Kurenai Red watch is claimed to express a festive feeling, while the BB Ai Blue design has an indigo shade. Click the link to check this watch out.

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Alternatively, the third model is the Tokyo 2020 blue. This model offers a simpler design without Olympic branding, a crown at three o’clock, and a day and date complication. Swatch say that this model expresses the value of the Olympics and the passion for sport. The entire Swatch Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Collection has the motto, “Celebrate the Olympic Spirit”.  And what better way than ‘sporting’ one of these watches. Click the link to check this watch out.

History of the Tokyo Olympics:

History enriches the Tokyo Olympics. For example Tokyo was meant to first host the Olympics in 1940… But Helsinki were hosts of the event, due to the developments that took place in the Second World War. As in 1940, Japan had decided to invade China, which increased global tensions during wartime. It is also interesting to recognise that the previous Olympic games had taken place in Nazi Germany. Nonetheless the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were the first of the games to take place in Asia. Also, it was the first Olympics that had taken place whereby South Africa were not able to enter due to its apartheid system. 

Horological history also surrounds the 1964 Tokyo olympics… This was an extremely significant event for Seiko as they became the Official Timer of the Tokyo Olympic Games. They deployed 36 models to support the success of the games. By performing outstandingly under the “Japan-made Olympics” and “Scientific Olympics” banners, Seiko gained an international reputation for its technological capabilities. This generated a global sales expansion for Seiko. 

The Covid-19 situation:

However, due to the developing Covid-19 situation the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been delayed until 2021. Although, a similar situation also arose during the 1964 games, as the events took place in October to combat the extremely hot weather. Albeit our current situation is far more serious, it still serves as evidence to show that there are manageable ways in dealing with the issue. Due to this postponement these Swatch models may increase in collectable value. As these models that brandish the ‘Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ logo will not be in circulation for very long. Therefore you should ensure that you get your hands on one, so that you become the owner of a real piece of history. 

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