The All new Swatch Bond Collection 2020 AKA the Swatch X 007 has landed!

Swatch Bond Collection 2020! Just in time for the release of the new bond movie “No Time To Die” featuring the great Daniel Craig. These Swiss made classics are a set of 6 and are all inspired by the original movie posters.

They are all inspired by the classic movies starting with the 1962 movie “Dr.No”

Dr.No 1962 BUY HERE

The name’s Bond. James Bond.

NO in 1962 marked James Bond’s first appearance on the big screen, with Sean Connery taking on the role of 007 as he travels across Jamaica to defeat Dr. No. Discover a watch that celebrates the beginnings of Bond with this limited edition timepiece inspired by the film’s iconic opening title sequence.

We then move forward a further 7 years to the iconic movie “On Her Majesty’s Service”

On Her Majesty’s Service 1969 BUY HERE

From the warm Portuguese beaches to the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, George Lazenby made quite the impression as 007 in ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE This limited edition watch is our tribute to the exhilarating adventure.

Jump 10 years and we come to the ever great movie “Moonraker”

Moonraker 1979 BUY HERE

Outer space now belongs to 007!

MOONRAKER sees James Bond blast into outer space in Roger Moore’s fourth appearance as our favourite secret agent. This unique limited edition takes inspiration from the night sky with an inky blue strap and the MOONRAKER rocket flying through the dial. 

Now in 1989 we go to “Licence To Kill”

Licence To Kill 1989 BUY HERE

This time it’s personal.

LICENCE TO KILL starring Timothy Dalton sees James Bond suspended from MI6 and on the trail of villain Franz Sanchez, where his mission takes him to the hot and humid climates of Florida and Mexico.

Next we have 1999 “The World Is Not Enough”

The World Is Not Enough 1999 BUY HERE

Protecting the world from a nuclear attack? Sounds like a Friday night for Bond. Pierce Brosnan is in for a thrilling adventure as 007.

And finally the brilliant 2006 movie “Casino Royale”

Casino Royale 2006 BUY HERE

Time for your poker face.

CASINO ROYALE sees James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, on his first mission as a newly promoted Double-O who must take on villain Le Chiffre in a tense game of high stakes poker. This limited edition design takes inspiration from the colourful title sequence packed full of casino imagery.

They are Limited Special Editions!

Hurry to get your’s before they disappear as these special editions are also limited pieces, they are all based off the swatch family “New Gents” and come in a 34mm and 41mm case sizes.

Oh wait! there’s more I need to tell you!

All 6 watches are presented in a retro style VHS case which would look perfect on any enthusiasts shelf!

Swatches Retro VHS Style Packaging!

To view to complete collection CLICK HERE

Don’t Forget The Q Watch!

Based on the Swatch Irony family the Q watch will be released a little later on the 5th March, this exact watch is actually worn in the latest movie “No Time to Die” by Q himself! it will be available to buy from WatchNation on the release date. SKU: SS07Z100