Since its birth in 1965 as the first domestically produced diver's watch, Seiko released products equipped with unique technologies and has earned high praise and trust from professional divers and adventurers around the world. While inheriting the design code of the professional diver's watch that was introduced in 1968 and was equipped with the world's highest standard high-beat movement at the time, this new calibre 6R54 has a long power reserve of 3 days (approximately 72 hours) and a GMT function.

Custom dimensions 2160x1026 px


Custom dimensions 806x1200 px(1)




















Custom dimensions 3556x1670 px


(Limited To 4,000 Pieces) 


This limited-edition, modern re-interpretation of the 1968 Diver’s watch is inspired by both Japan’s first hi-beat one-piece Diver’s look created by Seiko as well as commemorating the 110th anniversary of Japan’s first wristwatch, as created by Seiko.

The success of the 1968 Diver’s model laid the foundation for Seiko Diver’s watch development which for sixty years has innovated in wearable, precise watches for professional and recreational divers.




Custom dimensions 3354x1670 px(1)
Custom dimensions 806x1200 px.
Custom dimensions 703x702 px.


Custom dimensions 703x702 px.(2)


Custom dimensions 703x702 px.(1)