Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Editions SLA035J1

The Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Editions SLA035J1 is a new version of one Seiko’s most famous dive watches, the Marinemaster 300. It comes as part of a new collection of sleek black limited edition versions of classic Prospex divers. 


Like the Marinemaster predecessors the Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Editions SLA035J1 features a large ceramic bezel. The bezel is finished off with Zaratsu polishing, this mirror blade polishing is a feature that is commonly applied to Grand Seiko watches. The name of this polishing process derives from the name of the machines that carry out this technique. It requires 3 years of training before one is skilled enough to polish cases in this way.  

Another feature it shares with Grand Seiko watches is the 8L35 movement, similar to the movements used in the 9S55. Allowing the watch to operate at 4 HZ frequency. It offers a power reserve of 50 hours keeping time, with an accuracy of -10 and +15 seconds day.  

The most apparent updates on this model are visual. The most obvious being the adoption of a full black colour shame. A stand out feature on this model is the contrasting red second hand on the black dial. Whilst this is extremely visually pleasing it is also practical. Red light is hardly absorbed in water at 300 metres. Therefore making red objects and organisms invisible. Instantaneous judgment becomes critical under deep levels of water and the edges of the seconds hand and the 300m mark on the dial are red to eliminate unnecessary information allowing for instantaneous readability. It also uses sapphire crystals in order to protect the dial. 

The SLA035J1 makes use of a black silicone strap. Unlike other Seiko models that boast the ability of being water resistant unto 300 metres, such as the SLA019. Other models tend to use a stainless steel case. Another feature that makes this model special is the fact that only 600 pieces are available worldwide. It is retailing at £2,700. Also, come check it out over here!


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