Seiko 5 Sports Street Fighter Collection

 Street Fighter:

Released in 1987, the Street Fighter series has established itself as one of the pioneers of a one-versus-one nuanced form of combative gameplay. It has since been a mainstay of arcade fighting games all across the world, with an instantly recognisable visual identity and a legion of devoted players across multiple generations. It has transcended the realms of video gaming and has since evolved into a multimedia monster, having taken the form of a TV series and films. 

The game was developed by the Japanese game makers, Capcom. It was developed in their headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Although Street Fighter 1 set the precedent for the series, it was Street Fighter II that truly established the franchise. The success of the game rested upon its improved graphics, gameplay, storyline and characters that made it more engaging than other games on the market. It incorporated a variety of different fighting styles that made for more interesting and non-orthodox one-versus-one gameplay. It is for this reason that Street Fighter is considered one of the most influential video games of all time and the most defining game in its genre. In excess of 15,000,0000 units of the game have been sold and it has generated approximately $12 billion. 


There is an undeniable affinity between Seiko and Street Fighter, as they are both Japanese exports that have world famous status, as well as having a multigenerational appeal. Street Fighter is now the largest combat game in the E-sports field, comparatively Seiko is the largest watchmaker in Japan. So what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object? A collection of six quirky and highly sought after timepieces that incorporate the iconic motifs of the Street Fighter series, but retain the world renowned design quality of Seiko. 

The collaboration is unique in the sense that it is not oversaturated by over branding, but rather it is defined by a number of unique subtle features that pay homage to the game’s most defining characters. Just as pressing a combination of buttons in the game would release a deadly, one-of-a-kind special move that was specific to just one character, this collection of watches offer a combination of features that result in a totally unique and striking timepiece. 

The collection is inspired by six central characters from the series: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, Zangief and Blanka. Each model features Seiko’s trustworthy caliber 4R36 automatic movement, consisting of 24 jewels and also offering a 41 hour power reserve and a hacking second hand. All are water resistant to 10 bar and have see-through case backs.


The red, white and black colour scheme of this model is inspired by Ryu’s ‘do-gi’ Judo uniform. Likewise textured canvas pattern of the strap is said to emulate his uniform. The scratches on the bezel represent the gruelling training process undertaken by Ryu to become a true fighter. On the dial, the 9 o’clock marker has been replaced by a simplified version of the iconic ‘furinkazan’. This is a phrase found on the characters glove that translates to “wind, forest, fire, and mountain”.


The colour scheme of the case draws inspiration from Ken’s costume and blond hair. This motif has been extended on the dial, which is centred on a red and yellow colour scheme. Ken’s company, the Masters Foundation, has been engraved onto the strap end on the reverse side of the strap. The controller command for the character’s infamous ‘Shoryuken’ is inscribed on to the back of the case. 


Chun Li’s China dress serves as the inspiration for this eye-catching iteration. The decorative blue bezel is inspired by the colour scheme of her dress. The dial is adorned by other emblems and accessories synonymous with the characters appearance such as: her distinctive medallion collar that replaces the 12 o’clock marker. Or the spiked 6 and 9 o’clock marker that resemble her bracelet. The strap has also been backed by a dragon pattern that mirrors the character’s waist belt. The controller command for Chun Li’s signature move, the ‘Spinning Bird Kick’, is engraved on the back of the case.


The camouflage colour scheme that dominates this timepiece evokes Guile’s uniform as Major of the US Air Force. The dial employs a militaristic green camouflage hue, while a green countdown bezel is another militaristic motif. The U.S Air Force logo replaces the 6 o’clock marker, and a dog tag belonging to his best friend, Charlie Nash, replaces the 9 o’clock marker. The controller command for Guile’s signature move, the ‘Sonic Boom’, is inscribed on to the back of the case. 


The design of this model is centred around the supernatural strength of Zangief. The red circular pressed pattern is reminiscent of his special move the ‘Cyclone Lariat’. The golden bezel is reminiscent of his belt, while the watch’s nylon strap emulates Zangief’s wrist band. The controller command for Zangief’s signature move, the ‘Screw Pile Diver’, is inscribed on the back of the case. 


Blanka’s unique appearance has been interpreted throughout the design of this model. The eccentric electric discharge patterns on the bezel resemble the character’s special move, the ‘Electric Thunder’. The textured design of this unique dial features a pressed spinning design based on his rolling attacks, while the sharp pointed hour markers resemble his sharp and powerful teeth. The controller command for Blanka’s signature move, the ‘Electric Thunder’, is inscribed into the case back. 

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