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The Rotary Super 7 Scuba collection has been created to deliver both precision and performance, it has been engineered to incorporate seven key features. The superlative aesthetics and design give the range its broad appeal, making it the perfect accompaniment on your wrist for every occasion; from the depths of the oceans to the formalities of the business world. The collection consists of multiple dial and strap combinations, to suit your individual needs and style. The Rotary Super 7 Scuba range offers top quality without comprise, offering a formidable 300m automatic diver’s watch for under £250, earning the collection a place within the upper ranks of the dive watch world.

Rotary Super7 at WatchNation

What began as a flirtation with dive watches, soon became a love affair, and eventually an obsession. Since then our story so far has been one of adventure, discovery, never accepting no as an answer, and an appreciation of function, design and beauty. It has been a quest to offer you a superlative automatic dive watch for under £250. Our hearts were set upon allowing you the opportunity to own a watch that shared a similar form and function typically synonymous only with iconic luxury brands, but at an attainable price point. The vision was clear, to provide our customers with the best dive watch in its class and we knew we had to create a collection of watches that possessed true capability and flawless design. We were not willing to compromise. We were going to push the boundaries of what could be achieved.

WatchNation and Rotary Collaborate

It soon became clear that we could not make our vision a reality without finding a partner to collaborate with. But little did we know, the perfect partner was only a few hours’ drive away, back where our own story began, in the centre of London. Finally, we had found a partner who truly understood our vision, Rotary. Throughout their illustrious 125 years history they have been consistently crafting accurate, reliable and high quality timepieces. From the release of the Aquaplunge in the 1960s that set the precedent for the iconic Aquadive 50 of the 1970s, Rotary established themselves as a prominent producer of tool watches during the golden era of dive watches. A shared passion in raising the bar and exceeding expectation of our customers allowed a genuine bond to form between ourselves and the Rotary team. The synergy between us took the concept to new heights.

Rotary Super7 Wireframe

Although at times the path was not clear, pursuit for excellence was unhindered. We had set ourselves the quest of delivering to you a superlative dive watch and we were not willing to compromise. Over the course of 18 laborious months of extensive research, rigorous testing, self-doubt and continual setbacks, the project eventually began to take shape. It has been a project that has been driven by two teams of like-minded individuals who are bound together by a common desire to make our vision a reality. What began as just a concept soon evolved into a reality. Although it was an arduous process it was essential if we were deliver on our promise of enabling you to be the owner of an affordable dive watch that would sit proudly in any watch collection.

The seven features that define each of the watches in the Super 7 Scuba range are rarely, if ever, seen together in one timepiece at this price range. We are enabling you the chance to own a timepiece that offers true capability and flawless design far beyond its price point, the perfect combination of form and function. A collection that has been designed with a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to constantly push the boundaries of what is expected from a watch.

We want a Super 7 Scuba to accompany you on all of your adventures and endeavours that define your life. We want it to remind you of all that you have achieved and all that is to come. That’s why it should not be judged by its monetary value, but rather a personal value. To you those memories and aspirations are priceless.

Rotary Super 7 Scuba Defining Features

1. Water Resistant
300 Metres

Water Resistant
An impressive water resistance of 300 metres is offered, which makes the watch suitable for professional and saturation diving.

2. Scratch Resistant
Sapphire Glass

Scratch Resistant
With a rating of 9/10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness sapphire crystal glass is second only to diamond in terms of hardness. This means it is least prone to be scratched, ensuring longevity of your timepiece.

3. Luminous Hands & Markers
Dual Coloured

Luminous Hands
At 300 metres deep in the ocean, there is a significant omission of sunlight, which hinders your ability to read your watch. However, high grade dual-colour luminosity has been heavily applied on the hour markers and the handset to allow for optimum visibility of the dial. The minute hand uses a different colour lume which matches the pip in the bezel to allow for easy distension from the rest of the dial to record elapsed diving times.

4. Unidirectional Bezel
120-click with Pip

Unidirectional Bezel
A 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel sits on top of the case. The tall sided grip provides the watch with an added statement of intent and ties it back to its archived roots. The four models featuring black bezels are made from ceramic. Ceramic bezels are favoured by luxury brands for its anti-scratch and anti-fading properties. Each of the ceramic bezel models also have luminous coated increments, whilst each model has a luminous pip at the 12 o’clock marker on the bezel. The models with a pepsi or green bezel are made of aluminum to add more charm to the colourful designs.

5. Automatic Movement
Miyota 8205 Automatic & Hand Winding

Automatic Movement
Entirely Japanese assembled Miyota 8205 automatic movement powers each model in the collection. It consists of 21 Jewells and vibrates at a frequency of 21,600 per hour, which provides the watch with a 42 hour running time and an accuracy of -20/+40 seconds a day.

6. Applied Dial Markers
Stainless Steel With Thick Luminous

Deeply applied thick luminous hour markers adorn to the dial. They are complemented by the subtle stainless steel line which surrounds them and accentuates the depth of the dial.

7. Screw Down
Embossed Crown & Caseback

Screw Down
Protected by sleek crown guards is a ‘S7’ embossed screw-down crown besides the 3 o’clock marker. The screw down crown ensures maximum impermeability against water. Similarly, a stainless steel screw down case back has been engraved with the ‘Super 7’ logo and also ensures optimum impermeability.

A closer look at the specifications

Rotary Super 7 - WatchNation - Exploded Diagram Model Shown: S7S001B
  • 1Rotary Super 7 Scuba diver’s z-clasp
  • 23-link, vertically brushed stainless steel bracelet
  • 3Black gloss finish dial with applied luminous hour markers
  • 4Luminous filled hour, minute and second hands
  • 5Super 7 deep etched screw down case back
  • 642mm Stainless steel case body with high-polished and vertical brushed finishing
  • 7‘S7’ embossed, screw-down crown
  • 8120-click, uni-directional bezel
  • 9Black ceramic bezel insert with luminous markers and diver’s dot
  • 10Scratch resistant sapphire glass