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Owen Drew Luxury Home Bulgarian Rose And Indian Jasmine Nuptialem Large Candle

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Owen Drew Luxury Home Bulgarian Rose And Indian Jasmine Nuptialem Large Candle

This Owen Drew Large Rose Nuptialem Candle was inspired by the details of bride Meghan Markle’s floral arrangement and bouquet was made public. With a candle based around a royal wedding the oils had to be luxurious with the combination of Bulgarian Rose and Indian Jasmin being two of the most expensive oils in the world. The candle is finished off with fragarances based around Meghan herself; her favourite flower peony and the American cedarwood.

Key Features:

Size Large

100% Natural Soy Wax

Individually Hand-Poured In England

The Brand: Owen Drew

Owen Drew Candes was created in the summer of 2016 after he noticed the damage that other candles were doing to his home. Drew, started making his own candles through blending essential oils and vegan soy wax. The unique feature of Owen’s candles is that they use a natural wooden wick which crackle when they burn. He started by exhibiting his candles at craft fairs and soon after some positive feedback, various outlets approached Drew to stock his candles from across the globe. Owen Drew candles are about taking the time to treat yourself to something which is truly exceptional and made to remember to pamper yourself in an ever busier and more fast paced society.

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Burn Time

45 hours