Casio Classic Black Blue Men’s Alarm Chronograph W-210-1BVES

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Casio was established in 1946 by Japanese engineer Tadao Kashio. The company’s first major product couldn’t be further from the world of consumer electronics in which it is now a global force; it was a finger ring that allowed the wearer to smoke a cigarette right down to the filter without the risk of burning their finger. As cigarettes were highly valuable in post-Second World War Japan, the invention was a success, and Kashio and his younger brothers decided to use all the proceeds to develop their own range of calculators. The brothers produced their first desk-sized calculator in 1954, but it wasn’t until Casio’s release of the world’s first all-electronic compact calculator in 1957 that the company truly announced itself on the world stage. Within just twelve years, Casio had opened a European office in Zurich, entered the US and Canadian markets and, such was the demand for their products, been forced to build two dedicated manufacturing plants. Calculators became so popular in Japan that from 1965-70 production doubled each year, with the market exceeding 100 billion yen in total value by 1970. Competition became fierce, and the period is now known in Japan as the “calculator wars.” Casio took a decisive step in winning this “war” in 1972 with the release of the affordable, incredibly well-made and as a result highly popular, Casio Mini. This established the company firmly  at the top of the consumer electronics world, allowing them to diversify and enter the timepiece market in 1974 with the release of the Casiotron, the world’s first Auto Calendar watch. While calculators and watches may nowadays appear to be worlds apart, the 1970s saw a radical shift from mechanical to quartz mechanisms, with these revolutionary new rapidly oscillating crystal movements requiring what is essentially a simple adding machine that shows a running calculation of each second. Thanks to its decade of electronic calculator innovation, Casio was already well stocked with the exact technology that these new movements required, and therefore rapidly gained traction in the global timepiece market. Only eleven years after entering this field, Casio completely reshaped global thought about the function a watch should perform with the release of the pioneering and now legendary G-Shock family. Flying in the face of the growing trend among manufacturers for the production of the thinnest, most delicate watch possible, Casio designed the G-Shock to be so robust and durable that it could comfortably survive being dropped from a building. Due to its unique appearance, the watch was originally only popular in the US, but in the years that have followed it has now become Casio’s signature timepiece. Innovation and world firsts have defined the company’s history ever since, the most striking of these being the release of the first ever touch screen watch in 1991, 24 years before the Apple Watch, and the first ever wrist camera watch in 2000. In short, Casio was producing smartwatches decades before the term had even been coined. Add to this the hipster popularity of the company’s retro designs, and Casio has firmly cemented its reputation as a famously reliable and precise name in both analog and digital watches.


The Casio Classic Collection includes some the most iconic watches the company has ever made. Popular today due to their retro appeal, refreshingly simple practicality, and understated styling, the Casio Classic Collection of timepieces are truly timeless and appeal to an almost uniquely broad range of people; proof that some things genuinely never go out of style.


This Casio Classic Black and Blue Men’s Alarm Chronograph (W-210-1BVES) has a digital display protected by a blue resin case and scratch-resistant mineral glass. Featuring a stopwatch, the ability to set a daily alarm, an auto calendar, a 10-year battery life and a second time zone function, the watch is fitted with a black resin strap and water resistant to 5ATM.


WatchNation is proud to be an authorized, established and respected supplier of Casio watches. We stock a broad and exciting range of these superb timepieces both online and in store. Visiting us in store, located at 15-17 Charles Street, Hoole, Chester, CH2 3AZ, gives you the opportunity to take a first-hand look at our fantastic range of high-quality timepieces, with our friendly team of staff always on hand to use their decades of experience to offer helpful advice, useful information and expert guidance. If you can’t pay a visit to our store, then our online delivery service guarantees that your latest timepiece will go from checkout to your wrist in a fast and reliable manner. These services are all a product of the motto on which WatchNation was founded and will forever operate – “Time for the People.”



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