In Traser watches, global leading micro-technologies has transposed its chemical and technological expertise into the world of Traser. Since 1918, mb-microtec has been developing luminescent material and paint for the watch industry, even supplying some of its technologies to renowned radioactivity pioneer Marie Curie. Swiss manufactured and favoured by military organizations around the world, including the SAS and Navy Seals. Traser watches are much more than just an accessory; they are an essential tool for coping with whatever nature throws at the wearer. What sets Traser apart is their use of revolutionary trigalight technology. Trigalight uses minute glass tubes coated on the inside with a layer of phosphor powder and then filled with a tiny amount of tritium gas. As soon as the phosphor powder is exposed to the electrons present in the tritium gas it begins to emit lights in a variety of colours, with this being visible even in darkness. A true tactical accomplish, Traser watches offer cutting-edge chemical technologies distilled into wristwatch form.

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