Our Story – WatchNation

A flirtation becomes a love affair, becomes an obsession; a mission to find the world’s best-designed, most-appreciated watches for all occasions.


It’s not about price; it’s often not about brand.  It’s about that feeling you get when you have a timepiece on that meets your needs, whether that’s running a marathon, getting married, celebrating an occasion or having an amazing piece that is the latest must-have fashion item. It’s all about what you like, what you want, and how you feel. The power is not with others or big brand advertising.  This simple philosophy started 20 years ago and has taken us all over the world.


Sitting in the Dead Rabbit bar in Manhattan on a snowy January in 2015, the concept gathered pace about throwing away the old definition of luxury and bringing great design to everybody; letting the people decide what’s cool, what’s hot, what’s classic, what’s a must have. Three months later in London’s Milk and Honey, WatchNation was born, with a shop in the fashionable Chester suburb of Hoole following soon after.


Our story so far has been one of adventure, discovery, never accepting no as an answer, and an appreciation of function, design and beauty.  It’s a quest to offer the best watches as defined by customers, not experts, in order to truly fulfill our vision.