The first Seiko 5 was introduced in 1963 under the name Seiko Sportmatic. It was both Seiko’s and Japan’s first automatic day-date watch. The number ‘5’ is used by Seiko intentionally as a means of representing the 5 promises the company made to the watch owner. These being that every watch would have the following: an automatic movement; a day-date display; water-resistance; a recessed crown at the four o’clock position; and a case and bracelet built for durability. All of these features provide the Seiko with its tough appearance and its strength.

The Seiko 5 can be worn in any occasion. It appeals to the exploding market for all day easy wearing sports watches. The watch was originally marketed towards a younger audience who wanted value and style, and this is something that Seiko have not strayed away from, as it is evidently represented in the agreeable prices of the 27 piece collection.

What is also true of the reemergence of this definitive Seiko line is that it truly does appear to everyone, as it comes five different styles: Sports, Suits, Specialist, Street and Sense. All have very basic dials with three-dimensional hour markers and straps made from different materials. There’s steel (also in mesh), nylon, silicone/calf hybrid and straps. The cases are all in steel, in colours like black, rose gold, grey or olive green.

 Seiko 5 Sports Style:

Seiko 5 Sports 2019


The Seiko 5 Sports ‘Sports Style’ is the most prominent of the collection, as it makes up 11 of the 27 models. Many of the models in this collection give a distinct nod to other popular models throughout Seiko’s history. The SRPD57K1 features the same gilt and black motif that recently came back in style with the SRP775, which is reminiscent of the 6215, Seiko’s 300m diver from 1968. Most of the watches are based on other divers, but do not offer the same specifications, as they are only water resistant up until 100 metres deep.

Other styles:

The other sub-ranges are also centred on a common design, with slight modern twists making them each slightly unique. The second largest sub-range is the ‘Suits Style’ that is made up of 8 watches. The line tends to be consisted of darker dials and are mostly paired with ivory, faux aged luminous paint, accentuating the watches more formal appeal. The watches in the Specialist and Street lines include case treatments to give the watches a unique look that sets them apart from other styles in the collection. The Street pieces in particular are ultra modern in appearance. They provide an interesting counter to the more traditional watches of the other styles. The Sense style is also unique in that it offers watches with dials that have been treated to give the appearance of texture.

The new Seiko 5 line is majorly refreshing as it incorporates a huge variety of references to past models. However Seiko are still propelling the brand forward. It is clear that they are sticking to the formula that has always made Seiko 5 special: variety, value, good design, and ultimate accessibility. The collection will be fully available from September of this year onwards. This is not one to be slept on.

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