Trying to find a technical watch that you are able to rely upon in any given situation may pose a difficult task. But, we have made this task far less difficult, as we present to you the reasons why Luminox is the best tactical watch on the market.

1. Luminox’s Accolades:

Since 1992 Luminox has worked hand in hand with the Navy Seals, one of the most revered, elite military units in the world. Nick North, who was the officer in charge of the Seals, stated: “As a research, development, test, and evaluation officer for the Navy SEALs, I was asked to find a dependable watch for night missions. After testing a variety of brands in the most arduous conditions, Luminox was the only one still functioning at the end of the evaluation.” 

Luminox has since been endorsed by: the US Air Force F-117 Nighthawk stealth pilots, Special Military Forces Israel, the Austrian Military Police and the Icelandic Association For Search And Rescue. So, if this watch is proven to be reliable enough to operate in the most hostile and intense of conditions, than surely Luminox is the best tactical watch on the market.

2. Luminox Light Technology:

Luminox owes much of its reliability to the development of this technology. It is essentially a self power illumination system, which relies on borosilicate glass capsules that remain lit. Therefore making the watch readable in all types of conditions. This was the brand’s founder, Barry Cohen’s, mission to make a watch that was able to operate in extremely low light or even no light conditions. 

This technology has become a signature feature of the watches. It promises to provide the wearer with 25 years of visibility, without having to expose it to a light source or having to press a button. Most notably, the staple Luminox piece, the Luminox Original Navy Seal boast of an exceptional illumination system that is 100 times brighter than other luminous watches available in the market today. A technology to only be found in Luminox watches, the best technical watch on the market.

3. The Three Families:

There are three main families belonging to Luminox: Sea, Land and Air. Illustrating the brands ability to produce watches that are able to operate to full capacity in any outdoor terrain. 

Sea Series: 

The Luminox Sea Series is a collection that is dedicated to diving. The Luminox Light Technology comes in handy for any diver. It allows them to easily read the time when they are deep under the water. This series is able to withstand immense pressures, it is able to operate between 200 metres and 500 metres below land level. We stock a variety of watches belonging to the Luminox Sea Series. The Bear Grylls Survival Sea Series being a standout piece. The bezel of this model has a special diving zone counting up marking 1-20. This is set off by a different colour (blue or orange) for easy reading. This feature is crucial in diving situations because it measures the timing of mandatory decompression stops as divers slowly resurface from deeper dives.

Land Series: 

The Luminox Land Series is a collection that has collaborated with the military, numerous policing units and survival teams. Most notably is Luminox’s collaboration with Ice-Sar, which is an abbreviation of Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue. This watch is able to deal with the barren and versatile terrain of Iceland. Meaning it is capable of dealing with volcanic eruptions, avalanches, shipwrecks, mega storms and even more. With its rugged, shock resistant construction, robust water resistance and luminosity, Luminox certainly fits the bill. An exceptional piece from this collection is the ICE-SAR Arctic 1207, come check it out now!

Air Series: 

Elie pilots, of air forces all across the world, are proud wearers of the Luminox Air Series. This series is provided as part of a partnership with Lockheed Martin Corporation, the largest defence contractor in the world. Famously, the US Air Force approached Luminox and asked them to make watches that fit their specifications. 

4. Affordability:

On our website we have a range of Luminox models, which range in price from £181 to £1,465. And for a brand that is known for its durability, these watches are well worth their price tag. This list of Luminox’s accolades alone gives justification to their price tag too. Not to mention the fact that it features Luminox Light Technology, a technology which has the ability to provide a glow 24/7, no matter what the conditions are. 

Also, The Luminox team has a set of purchase policies, such as a 2 year warranty. This covers any preexisting damages or issues the watch may have prior to purchase. It does also cover any malfunction in materials and workmanship during the warranty period of your watch will be repaired free of charge with the presentation of the warranty certificate and timepiece.

By purchasing a Luminox you are placing yourself amongst the ranks of the most elite task forces in the world. 

5. Bear Grylls Collaboration:

But, don’t just take our advise on why Luminox is the best watch to accompany you on your adventures… Perhaps take the advise of Bear Grylls, who has just recently joined the Luminox family. Grylls claims that his transition into the Luminox family was only natural. He says: “I’ve been wearing Luminox since my early adventuring days. It’s great to now be a part of the family”. The imprint of Bear Grylls’ name on the models is a sign of approval from the former SAS man.