James Bond Swatch Q Watch (SS07Z100) – We are offering you the chance to be a part of a top secret mission, to win a free James Bond Swatch Q Watch (SS07Z100), when you purchase any other Swatch model from our website. Now a chance like this is shocking, positively shocking! This watch is apart of the new Swatch X 007 Tribute collection. The collection consists of seven models, six of which are inspired by previous films from the Bond series. But, the standout piece from the collection is the seventh model, which is inspired by Swatch’s favourite character Q, who is the brains behind all of Bond’s gadgets.

The release of the Q Watch was highly anticipated, GQ magazine labelled this model an ‘instant collectable’. Swatch even had customers queuing outside of their doors at 6:30am, to ensure that they got their hands on Swatch’s hottest release. It is highly limited to only 7007 pieces, and we remain the only legitimate online stockist of this watch.

Now, if you didn’t think having the chance to get your hands on one of these highly limited pieces was enough, we are also throwing in an extremely rare James Bond Limited Edition Prestige Stamp Book. This stamp is limited to just 1900 pieces, giving you the chance to be the owner of two extremely limited Bond themed pieces.

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Q Watch style:

The Q Watch was designed to match the character’s personality and style. It comes in the form of a Stainless Steel Skin Irony, significantly the Skin Collection is the toughest ultra-thin Swatch line. It is a reflection of Q’s timeless mix of tradition and futuristic innovation.

It features a skeleton dial which allows the wearer to view the quartz movement that powers it, which is a great sentiment to gadgetry, which is the inspiration behind the watch. This is perfectly contrasted by the adoption of a traditional tartan bracelet, which is a nod to Q’s of the past, such as the one played by Desmond Llewelyn.

The laptop themed packaging is equally as impressive, as it comes in a typical Bond style case that folds open to reveal graphics which mimic a mission briefing. All of the features of this watch help build a product that encapsulates Q as a character.  You can view it here.

History of Swatch and Bond:

Swatch has previously collaborated with the Bond series before. In 2002 they produced a collection of watches to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Bond film. It consisted of 20 pieces, all of which were inspired by a Bond film. Then in 2008 they collaborated on their Bond villain collection, which was inspired by 22 Bond villains. Both of these collections have gone on to become staple pieces for watch collectors. And, already, the Q Watch has established itself as a highly valuable and collectable piece, as it is already being sold for way over its RRP on eBay.

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In depth:

As previously mentioned before, it is based on a Stainless Steel Skin Irony and it features a tartan plaid brown leather strap, with sharp red edge and sun-brushed skeleton dial, allowing the wearer to view the quartz movement. The Swatch logo is present on the dial at the 12 o’clock marking, whilst the letter ‘Q’ is brandished at the 6 o’clock marking. It also features blue triangle markers. The case in stainless steel, with a matte finish, and measures 42mm diameter, with a thickness of 6.7mm.


If you are to enter our competition you could be in with winning a Swatch Q Watch and also a highly collectable Bond Prestige Stamp set. This set is worth £64.99 and it is limited to only 1,962 pieces, commemorating the year of the first Bond release, ‘Dr No’.

It has a host of unique and exciting features, including a full-colour 24-page Prestige Stamp Book includes an exclusive front cover and is presented in a special display tin embossed with the official 007 logo. It contains an official James Bond certificate of authenticity and offers you behind-the-scenes insights into the film-makers, stunts and supporting characters. It contains 6 special Bond themed stamps, four Q branch stamps and 8 unique stamps.

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