The EQB-1000HRS Limited Edition

Introducing the Casio Edifice Honda Racing Limited Edition EQB-1000HRS… This model is limited to 900 pieces worldwide! We are also offering you a one in five chance of winning a limited edition Honda Racing jacket to accompany you’re new bold timepiece. 

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The Watch & Formula 1..

Formula One racing has established itself as being the most technologically advanced sport in the world. It is therefore no surprise that this watch lives up to such a reputation. The watch is comprised of many of the same features that a F1 car is too. 

For example, a titanium aluminide bezel is used, which is the same special material and coating of the valves of the Honda F1 Power Unit. Another feature which grabs the eye is the Kevlar band. Kevlar is an extremely strong light weight material, which is used to add extra protection to the cars. If you have an equal amount of steel and Kevlar, Kevlar would be 5 times stronger than the steel.

Casio Edifice Honda Racing Solar Black Dial Red Fabric Strap Men's Watch EQB-1000HRS-1AER RRP £799

This limited edition model also boasts the ability to connect to your smart phone through bluetooth. It gives you the ability to adjust any two world times via your smartphone and display them simultaneously on the two mini dials. 

Another important feature to mention in the spirit of Formula One is the watches precision. Given that precision is such a key element to the sport… It has a stop watch function, which can measure times of up to 24 hours. The split time and the final time are measured within 1/1000-second of accuracy. 

This is not just the perfect watch for a racing fanatic, but it is also a staple piece for any watch enthusiast due to its range of high specifications. It is on our website for £749.00 and there are only 5 pieces available. Buy it now here