Grey Market – What Does This Mean?


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There is an old adage that states – if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

This is something that is very applicable to the watch industry, due to an influx of what are commonly referred to as Grey Market Sellers.

The following active online sellers are considered by WatchNation to be Grey Market Sellers and are not recognized by Seiko;

  • JomaShop
  • CreationWatches
  • CityWatches UK
  • WatchesZon
  • Best Quality Watches
  • E-Global Central

WatchNation will not price match against any Grey Market Seller.

What is a grey market seller?

A grey marker seller is an unauthorised watch dealer that do not acquire their products directly from the brand itself, which means that they are not officially authorised to sell the product. 

What is an authorised seller? 

As an authorised seller we are authorised directly by the brand/distributor to sell products. This ensures that all of our products are authentic and come with a full manufacturer warranty. 

What is the danger of buying from a grey market seller? 

The danger of purchasing goods from a grey market seller is that you do not get the same level of buyer protection as you would from purchasing from an authorised seller if it may face an issue with its performance. Grey market sellers will often provide you with a warranty from a third-party company which does not cover you to the same extent as the manufacturer would. Only authorised dealers such as ourselves can provide you with a validated original warranty and a brand certificate card. A brand provided warranty will cover you to a far greater extent.

Another issue with buying goods from a grey market seller is that authentic items are often mixed with counterfeit products. This is because a grey market seller cannot provide you with any genuine authentication.

Grey market sellers often advertise watches on their websites without having the stock, where as we always have the watches that we advertise in stock, which means that we are able to fulfil your orders. 

Grey market sellers may have also used unofficial/inferior parts if they have serviced the watch themselves prior to it being sent out. We only used OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts for our watches, which guarantees optimum levels of performance and reliability.  

You will be able to find us located on the brands’ websites, and they would verify this if you were to contact them.

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