This Casio Edifice is entirely exclusive to us in the UK! This is another bold addition to the respected Edifice family and we could not be more proud to stock this exclusively. This model is packed with great features… Take for example the Neo-Display which provides you with a long term illuminated display even in the dark, through the use of luminous coating. Or a battery that has the ability to provide your watch with sufficient energy for approximately 3 whole years. 

The Edifice family is known for it’s ability to produce watches which operate within the highest realms of precision, and this is certainly the case with our exclusive. It features a countdown bezel, which allows you to accurately time whatever you may be doing. The watch also features a tough mineral glass that resists scratching, as well as bezels that are ion plated, which also increases scratch resistant. These features are complimented by the addition of a leather band, which is made from high quality real leather, thus combing durability, style and maximum comfort.

Notably, the inner workings of the watch are optimised by the adoption of screw locked back. This protects the inner workings of the watch, whilst providing easy access when changing the batteries for example. The watch is water resistant up to 100 metres, meaning it is perfect for snorkelling or swimming.

Luckily this watch is entirely exclusive to ourselves I’m the UK and we could not be prouder to announce that you! The Edifice family has established itself as being one of the most formidable in the whole watching world… Hence why we are so proud to be exclusive sellers of this monster. It is retailing for £89, which is cheaper than any other Edifice model on our site!

And if you are a fan of either precision of F1 this watch is perfect for you, as it is the combination of dynamic form with intricate design. Edifice models feature Casio’s exclusive Multi Mission Drive movement, in which the watch is comprised of five separate motors to ensure that power is never diverted from the hands. Designed to offer what Casio say will be ‘Speed and Intelligence,’ the Edifice range offers motorsport precision engineering in a watch.