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Exclusive WatchNation Casio Edifice

Exclusive Watchnation Casio Edifice

This Casio Edifice is entirely exclusive to us in the UK! This is another bold addition to the respected Edifice family and we could not be more proud to stock this exclusively. This model is packed with great features… Take for example the Neo-Display which provides you with a long term illuminated display even in…
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Hamilton Murph Watch

Hamilton: The Movie Brand

Hamilton, known as the Movie Brand, has starred in over 500 of the biggest movies ever made.  As a brand, they have turned down many other roles!  Hamilton chooses which projects to be involved with by considering ‘will the watch help to define the character?’.  The very first Hamilton watch featured in a blockbuster way…
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Rotary partners with The Royal British Legion to ‘remember together’ those affected by The First World War

The History: Rotary watches are an award-winning worldwide brand of classic timepieces. A Swiss man named Moise Dreyfuss from a small Swiss town founded the company all the way back in 1895. The Dreyfuss Group still owns and expanding Rotary Watches after over 100 years. Moise had an extreme passion for creating elegant watches which…
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Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Mechanical Watch

The Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical Watch: History of the W10: The Khaki Pioneer Mechanical Watch is based on the W10. The W10 began production between 1973 and 1976 for the British Ministry of Defence. Hamilton succeeded Smiths watch production of the W10 for the Ministry of Defence due to the fact that the British economy…
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Seiko SKX

What’s next for Seiko’s SKX range?

What’s next for Seiko’s SKX range? A Brief History… The SKX first entered circulation in 1965 with the introduction of the ’62mas’, which was water resistant unto 150m. By 1967 Seiko had doubled the water resistance of its dive watch and unveiled the Seiko Diver’s 300M. However, it was not until three years later that Seiko…
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Seiko 5 Sports logo

New Seiko 5 Sports 2019

The first Seiko 5 was introduced in 1963 under the name Seiko Sportmatic. It was both Seiko’s and Japan’s first automatic day-date watch. The number ‘5’ is used by Seiko intentionally as a means of representing the 5 promises the company made to the watch owner. These being that every watch would have the following:…
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